HP ProBook:beautiful notebook for business

April 29, 2009, 7:53 am

hp probook:beautiful notebook for businesshp probook:beautiful notebook for businesshp probook:beautiful notebook for business 
hp probook:beautiful notebook for business   The company Hewlett-Packard has so far paid special attention to the attractiveness of design in the development of consumer-class notebooks, but in business models, the focus was on reliability, and their external different kind of rigor. But stiff competition in the manufacturer has decided to revise their views and presented to the public a new line of notebooks ProBook, which combine the functionality and advantages of models EliteBook series with an interesting design,"they emit from the crowd."
In the latest features innovative technologies used in business-class notebooks EliteBook higher price range. In this model ProBook looks attractive and, most importantly, are cheaper.
HP ProBook 4410s and HP ProBook 4415s
These new items are equipped with 14-inch 16:9 display with LED backlighting, wireless adapter Wi-Fi. Optionally available modules install broadband HP Mobile Broadband and Bluetooth. To connect the external display is a high-resolution HDMI-output. Model HP ProBook 4410s designed based on the platform Intel, while the 4415s includes a processor AMD.
HP ProBook 4510s and HP ProBook 4515s
These 15 6-inch notebooks also have a 16:9 panel, which many analysts prorochat bright future with LED-backlit. They, like their smaller brethren, be equipped, depending on the specific modification, modules, HP Mobile Broadband, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. Proposed to select the embedded graphics accelerator, or discrete. HP ProBook 4510s was designed based on the platform Intel, a model with an index of 4515s - AMD. Price HP ProBook 4510s starts with the $ 529 mark, but the price of AMD-version of the data yet.
HP ProBook 4710s
This model has the greatest size and weight of all the new products and is a replacement of desktop PCs. Notebook HP ProBook 4710s is equipped with 17 3-inch panel, accelerator ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 with GDDR2-memory capacity up to 512 MB. He also may be equipped with a modern powerful processors, Intel Core 2 Duo, which models T9600, P8700, P7370, T6570. As a minimum configuration of the cars price is $ 899.


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