HP ProLiant G6:11 servers, impregnated innovation

April 2, 2009, 11:52 am

   Announce Intel Xeon processor 5500 Hewlett-Packard Company has supported the issuance of a new line of server computers HP ProLiant G6, which, according to developers, provide double the performance compared servers with the previous generation. Also, new items are the best price/performance.
The new series is represented by eleven models of different formats:standard Tower, rackmount servers and small blade. According to HP, this is the most extensive update on the family of ProLiant in the history of the company. New items go to a new level of energy efficiency, virtualization and automation.
Among the features of servers ProLiant G6:

  • HP Sea of Sensors - a set of thirty-two sensors that monitor the temperature of the system and dynamically change its parameters depending on the thermal performance;
  • Common Power Slot design - universal compartment for the power supply that allows the user to select the best targets for BP;
  • HP Dynamic Power Capping - redistributes the resources needed for the power and cooling of servers in data centers (SAC , data center);
  • HP ProLiant Onboard Administrator - easier installation and remote monitoring of servers, even when he is off;
  • HP Insight Control Environment management console - provides a convenient tool for monitoring and management of server infrastructure, which, according to HP, can reduce operating costs up to $ 48 for every one hundred thousand users;
  • Module HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 Ethernet - the industry`s first technology allows to distribute the 10-Gbit Ethernet connection between the four network interfaces, which eliminates the need for purchasing additional networking equipment;
  • CPU Intel Xeon 5500 and controller HP Smart Array Modular Controllers - ProLiant G6 servers offer users a widow more memory, twice as more disk space and performance as a whole grew by 100% compared to previous generation models;
  • HP Server Migration Pack - facilitates the process of migration from the old server to new ProLiant G6.
Among the new models:HP ProLiant DL380, DL370, DL360, DL180, DL160 (Racks), BL 490c, BL 460c, BL 280c (blade), ML370, ML350, ML150 (tower ). Almost all servers, except for DL 360, DL 370, BL 280c, are already available for sale at a price of $ 1000 to $ 2100. The other models come onto the market in the coming weeks.


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