HP tells where to store potatoes

April 1, 2009, 4:33 pm

   In honor of 40 anniversary of work in Russia, HP conducted an online poll, 40 on alternative methods of use of its technologies, and summarized its results today. At the research questions answered hundreds of office workers and internet users, and the results exceeded all expectations of organizers.
We are accustomed to the keyboard used for typing, the printer prints the reports. In reality, people have to a lot of additional office equipment applications. Innovative options for the use of conventional devices include, for example, the functions of trunk storage, and supports for the feet, heater, mirror, buddy.
Among the favorites of the study were:

  • The system block is used as banquettes to relax the lower extremities, and night tables for magazines, as well as (in the absence of inside) for storage of root crops, food and other sensitive sites ;
  • the stylus from the communicator as toothpick;
  • The monitor and the characters on the screen as a fellow interlocutors, and personal psychology, you can laugh at his nesmeshnoy pervoaprelskoy joke, complain to life or even vymestit their anger in stressful situations;
  • The keyboard - just a vital thing in the lives of office workers, under which more than 40% of the respondents kept the money, while another 40% eat over it, not the crumbs that fell on the table
  • printer to one-third of the respondents as a sports projectile and the purpose for which employees run and walk to stretch my legs, specifically for the printing of the documents on the page, as well as a meeting place and discuss the hot news of business-minded;
  • A computer mouse, which helps to release the space on the table more than 50% of the respondents and at the same time serves as musical instruments. Move the mouse - razgreb paper on the table, poklikal - created a simple music !
In addition to the proposed of HP ideas for alternative use of technology, respondents raised their own interesting finds. For example, some respondents as a hotbed of heat involve the system unit and warm themselves next to him on a cold winter evening. The laptop also warms - some of their masters, he fuels up, being located in advance under a blanket at bedtime.
Interesting details of the poll will not end there. For example, found a new way of rest and light tan in the spring if you can not leave a long time to get from their bosses - about 20% of those surveyed korichneveyut a ray copier, opened his door and enjoy its quickness. It also is possible to preserve the memory of the holiday, it is already about 60% of respondents used copier for zasushivaniya herbarium, including the office of the plant.


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