Hybrid nettopa and netbuka and other delicious from GIGABYTE

March 2, 2009, 3:23 pm

hybrid nettopa and netbuka and other delicious from gigabytehybrid nettopa and netbuka and other delicious from gigabyte 
hybrid nettopa and netbuka and other delicious from gigabyte   We learned more details about 10 1-inch netbukah company GIGABYTE Technology, which it intends to bring to the March 2009 CeBIT exhibition. Plans to announce the producer of three models - Touch Note T1028, Booktop M1022 and Thin Note S1024.
By the very name you can guess that the Touch Note T1028 is equipped with touch screens. Thanks dvuhosevomu fastening the screen this netbuk has all the advantages of Tablet PC. Platform standard for this type of device - Intel Atom N270 processor and chipset 945GSE. Sales novelty can be found in the twentieth of March at a price of around $ 515.
The second newcomer - Booktop M1022. It is not clear, based on what components will be assembled this netbuk. There are two versions:Atom N270/945GSE and N280/GN40. Interestingly, Booktop M1022 can easily be turned into nettop - for this kit comes with the docking station that allows netbuk set in an upright position. Booktop M1022 will appear in stores in mid-April at an estimated cost of $ 485 to $ 515.
Netbuk Thin Note S1024, judging by the title, will be allocated among all the new dimensions of the smallest, although exact data on the parameters yet. At the moment, aware that this model will be based on the platform of Intel Atom, equipped with hard disk capacity of 60 or 80 GB, and its total weight will be 890 g. Thin Note S1024 can be purchased at the end of April at a cost of about $ 485.
In this flow of interesting news from GIGABYTE is not going to end. Taiwan manufacturer is also preparing a budget version of netbuka for developing countries, the price of which does not exceed $ 400. In addition, GIGABYTE concluded plans to market ultra 13, 3-inch notebook based on CULV-components (consumer ultra low voltage) from Intel, whose price will be about $ 720, and several models with a diagonal screen from 14 to 18 inches.
With regard to emerging market class of devices all in one, the GIGABYTE representatives say the lack of interest in this segment to date.


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