Hynix begins to develop 54-nm mobile DDR2-memory

April 28, 2009, 7:02 am

hynix begins to develop 54-nm mobile ddr2-memory   The company Hynix Semiconductor announced the conduct of work on the 54-nm integrated circuits DDR2 RAM standard and the volume of 1 Gbit. In this case, refers to devices used in mobile electronics, but with an emphasis on high performance. According to official sources, is scheduled to start in the chip-scale manufacturing in the second half of 2009.
of the characteristics of devices known as follows:Made of 54-nm chip production methods operate at a frequency of 1066 MHz. This, combined with 32-bit I/O-interface allows you to achieve the capacity of 4, 26 Gb/s in the case of single-system RAM, and 8 52 Gb/s in the case of two systems.
Use chips - mobile electronics - and dictates its demands to the hardware. This, in turn, cost the work. The developers claim that their new products consume less power by half, compared with DDR2-memory and end up in the third cost of DDR2-predecessors.
fully meet the standard JEDEC New Hynix chip positioned as solutions for the MID-aids, netbukov, high-performance smart phones. It is in this case, while important as a high performance memory subsystems, and the cost of memory chips work.


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