Hynix start testing module 8 GB 2-Rank DDR3 R-DIMM

March 20, 2009, 12:10 pm

   Hynix Semiconductor announced the conduct of validation tests of memory modules HMT31GR7AUP4C, ads based on the development of MetaRAM 8 GB 2-Rank DDR3 R-DIMM. Testing is conducted on a platform of Intel Tylersburg-EP, supports processors Nehalem. In full configuration, 3 DIMM per channel, submitted 8 GB RDIMM retain the ability to operate at a frequency of 1066 MHz, while the competing standard modules slowing to 800 MHz at full load. The use of 8 GB DDR3 RDIMM allows you to install on a dual platform Tylersburg-EP to 144 GB of RAM, running at 1066 MHz, which could be achieved by using standard modules.
Thus, the 8 GB DDR3 RDIMM meet market demands for fast high-capacity memory, and the next step in this direction should be the modules 16 GB DDR3 RDIMM, is also based on technology MetaRAM and scheduled to be released for the third quarter of this year. The adoption and dissemination of future buferizirovannoy standard memory with a reduced load (Load Reduced-DIMM, LR-DIMM), is expected to provide the appearance of standard modules with performance metrics, like the development of MetaRAM. Start of mass production of 8 Gb 2-rank DDR3 RDIMM is scheduled for the second quarter of 2009, while in the first half of the year, Hynix expects to receive Intel validation for the 1333 MHz modules 8 GB DDR3 RDIMM.


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