I have a Gainward GeForce 9600 GSO with 1 GB of memory DDR2 !

November 8, 2008, 4:46 pm

i have a gainward geforce 9600 gso with 1 gb of memory ddr2 !   Description of a very unusual version of the graphic adapter NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GSO most recently appeared on the official website of the company Gainward.
Model Gainward 9600GSO 1024MB TV DVI notable on several points. First, the new formed on the printed circuit board custom red and fitted with the original design dvuhslotovoy active air cooling system with low noise. Secondly, the accelerator has 48 streaming processors and bred fitted to the rear panel outputs DVI-I, VGA and HDTV. And finally, thirdly, the product is equipped with DDR2 memory 1024 MB volume, with 256-bit interface.
If you talk about other technical characteristics of solutions, it should be noted use for PCI Express 2. 0 x16, frequency formula 650/800 MHz (kernel/memory), compatibility with DirectX 10. 0 Shader Model 4. 0 and OpenGL 2. 1, as well as support technology NVIDIA GigaThread Technology, NVIDIA Lumenex Engine, NVIDIA Quantum Effects Technology, NVIDIA PureVideo HD Technology and NVIDIA SLI Technology.
is finally announce that the sales included utility company`s award winning EXPERTool, but the price and timing of the beginning of the massive sales of the video card yet unknown.


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