IBM System posorevnuetsya people quiz Jeopardy !

April 29, 2009, 3:53 pm

   The company continues to work on IBM computer systems capable of posorevnovatsya with a man in reason. Of course, we are not talking about the speed of calculation and execution of such operations, with clear algorithms. A previous IBM a significant achievement in this field was the creation of Deep Blue, has demonstrated the ability to beat the best chess player at that time in the world. The new development that has received the code name Watson, will be competing with people in a popular U. S. quiz Jeopardy !, In which to win, in addition to the general erudirovannosti requires much hard formalizuemoe quality as quickness.
Researchers from IBM spent nearly two years to create a unique expert system that is able to take difficult questions and provided hints to players, often with humor and irony, and, of course, to find the answer in a very short time. Of course, participation in the popular show itself to be an excellent advertisement for the company, especially in case of victory, but at the same time, draft Watson has strictly applied focus. According to IBM, implemented in the solution in the long run will help to create expert systems that can give quick and accurate answers to business issues in a variety of industry sectors.


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