IFA 2008:The latest Toshiba

August 24, 2008, 7:44 am

ifa 2008:the latest toshiba 
ifa 2008:the latest toshiba   August 28, zero-day exhibition at IFA 2008, the company Toshiba held a press conference at which were formally presented new models of LCD TVs and DVD-players. Notably, after the cessation of work on HD-DVD format and recognition of the victory of Blu-Ray, the company found itself in a difficult position - she has yet to be BD-integrate into the community.
Perhaps that is why the focus in the statement of Alan Thompson - Vice-President of the European offices of the company - was placed on alternative ways of Blu-Ray HD-proliferation of content, including online distribution. Another marked trend - low prevalence of players Blu-Ray-ROMs and other sources of HD-video, as well as a small number of television channels that broadcast in high resolution. At the same time HD-TVs sold in the tens of times larger than the devices that can play HD-content.
Therefore, the company`s new products focus placed on the SD-video playback. The company submitted a new DVD-player XD-E500 with technology XDE (eXtended Detail Enhancement), as well as a line of LCD TVs based technology Resolution, aimed at improving the SD-display content on HD-devices.
DVD-player XD-E500 is capable of reproducing the image format in PAL progressive scan. It is compatible with optical discs DVD, DVD-R/-RW, CD/CD-R/-RW, Video-CD, SVCD and CD-DA. A support formats JPEG, DivX, MP3. The language has a HDMI-cable also provides connectors component and composite video, as well as SCART.
In a new series Regza ZF includes models with a diagonal screen from 40 to 46 inches. They provide permission FullHD (1920 h1080 in progressive scan) at a frequency of 100 MHz personnel shifts (120 MHz in the format NTSC). Built 10 - bit processor provides images box additional personnel for a better display of moving objects (Active Vision M100 HD), as well as implements algorithms technology Resolution. Claimed rate is 30 000:1 contrast. Television sets equipped with four connectors HDMI, which allows to use them as a nucleus of home multimedia system. In addition, a complete set of traditional and videorazemov, including SCART, and S-Video.


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