Imagination multiyadernye will produce chips for portable devices

March 19, 2009, 8:09 pm

   Exciting games, photo-graphics and high definition video will soon make a giant step with the large computers to portable wireless devices - the company contends Imagination Technologies, announced at the Multicore Expo on their multiyadernyh chips. Do not have their own British production company, a developer of chips are most well known thanks to the graphical kernel PowerVR MBX, used in Apple iPhone. Also, there is evidence that Imagination has received significant investment from Apple and Intel.
The new line of products Imagination is based on a recent development, the graphical kernel PowerVR SGX543, and will have a common name PowerVR SGX543MP. Stated that the series will be presented multiyadernymi GPU to the number of nuclei from 2 to 16, while paralleling the tasks stipulated in the software driver, which will effectively carry out the same code on any of the modifications. If PowerVX SGX543 has four pixel pipelines, a 16-nuclear PowerVR SGX543MP is already equipped with 64 pixel pipelines, which looks quite powerful resource to support pixel and vertex shaders.
Imagination stressed that, in principle, nothing prevents the use of kernel SGX543MP to perform general-purpose computing, the more that the company supports the standard OpenCL. Indeed, since in the Apple iPhone on the PowerVR MBX core of running some version of Mac OS X, in principle, can allow the probability of, say, a portable Tablet PC from Apple based on PowerVX SGX543MP. But until that Imagination is still the main target application for its development considers portable mobile device and automotive onboard systems.


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