Improved Google Suggest

April 14, 2009, 6:14 am

improved google suggest   The function of Google Suggest, which helps refine the search query, corrects typos, transliterated the word and, if necessary, change the layout, has become even better. Recently, it started a change in the selection of tips, so that users from different countries are offered the most relevant tips, taking into account local peculiarities.
For example, a user from the UK, entering the [liver] into the search box, most likely, wants to find information about Liverpool (Liverpool), but the user is giving the same request to the United States is likely interested in issues related to the liver (liver).
If you enter [ve] in the Russian domain as the first hints prompted [lead], while in Belarus for the same combination of letters proposed [welcome], the local mobile operator. In Ukraine, as the input [ve], you will be offered a hint [Verkhovna Rada].
The function of Google Suggest is now also available when searching for pictures. And, again, will take into account the fact that you are looking for is pictures. For example, when writing [as] the first hint is the word [avatars], not [Jokes] - the most popular tip in a letter to a Web search.


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