Increased speed memory magnitorezistivnoy

July 23, 2008, 3:18 am

   Magnitorezistivnaya memory, or MRAM, is considered today one of the aspirants for the replacement of modern energozavisimoy and slow dynamic DRAM-memory and absolutely no expensive compact and static memory SRAM. Of course, MRAM-deprived devices shortcomings inherent in these two types of memory, providing a high density of the information and not requiring energy storage - electricity consumption goes only to write/rewrite and reading information.
However, before the widespread use of magnitorezistivnoy memory needed before researchers optimization technology manufacturing MRAM-cells. Note that today in the latest generation of devices is based on the effect the transfer spin moment, which reduces the size of memory cells, and therefore developers have focused on optimizing precisely this type of device.
The next step for the withdrawal of devices from the stage of laboratory experiments to practical application in the next generations of chips have carried out the German Institute of Metrology officials, who have managed to create MRAM-memory, showing the high speed data access, similar to such electronic counterparts. Researchers have achieved the so-called ballistic switching cell. Thanks to this cycle time record is only one nanoseconds, reported in the press release staff of the Institute.
At the moment of achieving a full picture is difficult, but more detailed report will be published in September in the next edition of the journal Physical Review Letters.


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