In India, disconnect all phones without IMEI

April 7, 2009, 8:22 pm

in india, disconnect all phones without imei   The Ministry of Communications of India has taken the unprecedented decision to cut the mobile phones without IMEI number access to mobile networks. National mobile operators have 10 days to prepare.
In such a radical step the Government was forced to frequent attacks. Terrorists are using to communicate with each other phones without a unique identification number, while remaining undetected.
For the initial calculations, communications may lose up to 30 million subscribers, representing approximately 8% of the total number of owners of telephones in the country.
IMEI - International Mobile Equipment Identity, which consists of 15 digits. In the first 8 digits describes the model and the origin of the phone, and the rest - the serial number with that number at the end. In some countries, changes in numbers - punishable offense.


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