Information about the mobile chips AMD M97, M93 and M98 in conjunction with GDDR3

December 28, 2008, 12:58 pm

information about the mobile chips amd m97, m93 and m98 in conjunction with gddr3 
information about the mobile chips amd m97, m93 and m98 in conjunction with gddr3   As expected, the information quiet on the new mobile graphics chips AMD, stopped. Recently we discussed the technical characteristics of the ligament and the M98 chip memory standard GDDR5. Due to resource we have the opportunity to learn about a new product.
Let`s start with a successor chip M92, which is based solutions Mobility Radeon HD 4500. The new kernel, code-named M93 Audit A11 will be side by side with standard memory GDDR3, the operating frequency of which is equal to 750 MHz. Data on the number of functional blocks yet.
Another chip, previously not found in the news, was code-named M97. Colleagues suggest that it is likely that this chip is a mobile version of 40-nm core RV740. Working frequency graphics processor will be not less than 500 MHz, and GDDR3 memory standard will operate at a frequency of 850 MHz. With the advent of notebook sector developers such decisions will be more cold and productive product.
The product, which formed the basis of the graphical subsystem notebook MSI GT725-074US, based on the chip, and was named M98 Mobility Radeon HD 4850. The difference from the Mobility Radeon HD 4870 except for the frequency formula would be in the type of memory supported.
We are in contact with representatives of MSI in order to clarify information on a laptop. In the retail notebook MSI GT725-074US you no earlier than the first quarter of 2009. On the domestic market model can be presented later.


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