Inno3D i-Chill 9800GT Twin Turbo:works faster greetsya less !

June 6, 2008, 7:01 pm

inno3d i-chill 9800gt twin turbo:works faster greetsya less !   Very curious execution version recently officially presented graphic processor NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT recently added to its range company InnoVISION Multimedia Limited (Inno3D).
model called Inno3D i-Chill 9800GT Twin Turbo is not only a factory disperse decision, but also equipped with powerful"dvuhpropellernym"cooler Accelero TWIN TURBO from Arctic Cooling. The system of active cooling air is composed of copper bases, four copper heat pipes and aluminum radiator with 30 thin plates, which has two 80 - millimetre fan, the cover of black plastic casing. The speed of their rotation is automatically regulated according to changes in temperature and ranges from 1200 to 2000 revolutions per minute, and during pumped up to 40 cubic feet of air per minute and a noise level 0, 6 sleep.
accelerator uses the PCI Express bus 2. 0 x16, has 112 staffed streaming processors and memory of 512 MB GDDR3 volume with 256 - bit interface and 2000 MHz frequency, while graphic kernel operates at a frequency of 700 MHz. In doing so, the product is compatible with DirectX 10. 0 Shader Model 4. 0, supports technology NVIDIA Lumenex Engine, NVIDIA Quantum Effects Technology, NVIDIA PureVideo HD Technology, NVIDIA nView Multi-display Technology, NVIDIA CUDA Technology, NVIDIA PhysX Technology and NVIDIA SLI Technology (2 configuration allows the organization-Way SLI), as well as equipped with a pair of connectors Dual-Link DVI (HDCP) and one HDTV-output.
now only left to find out when and at what price the developers intend to sell their offspring.


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