Integrated graphics will disappear by the year 2012

March 10, 2009, 12:09 pm

   Jon Peddie Research (JPR) announced the results of a new study that shows a decline of the integrated video market (Integrated Graphics Processor, IGP). After 15 years of outstanding growth IGP will cease to exist and will be replaced by graphics, built-in processor, believed to JPR.
The integrated graphics is used in desktops and nettopah, laptops and netbukah, as well as a variety of embedded systems, such as point of sales, television stations and system identification. In 2008, 67% shipped graphics chips have been integrated. In the 2011-m this figure drops to 20%, and by 2013 their share will not exceed 1%. However, this does not hit the market of discrete circuit boards. In fact, the hybrid system with an embedded graphics will increase sales of discrete solutions.
In the period 2010-2012 he worked. the market will have several alternatives:the traditional discrete graphics processor installed on the motherboard, chipset with integrated graphics processor and a processor with an embedded graphics. One of these devices will be located in each computer.
is inevitable that the market share will be redistributed, as suppliers of integrated video, such as AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, Silicon Integrated System (SiS), and VIA Technologies, are looking for opportunities to reduce the chipset, and they will strive to create new products using their advantages in specific strength, believe in the JPR. Already visible maneuvers between Intel and NVIDIA, as NVIDIA strengthens its offer in the upper price range using the development of CUDA. On the other hand, the company presented a platform Tegra, which is based on ARM processors and schedule NVIDIA.
AMD using Fusion has competition built-in Intel graphics processor, but this technology also provides for workstations and graphics virtualization. VIA and S3 graphics unit while keeping their cards with them, but now they compete with Intel on price in some key markets, such as netbuki.
The first IGP SiS released for PC processors to Intel in 1997, added to JPR. The first processor with integrated graphics will be Intel Westmere, due in the 4 th quarter of 2009. The answer will follow in the face of AMD Fusion-processor in the second quarter of 2011. Both processors will be made on 32-nm production methods.


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