Intel and Adobe Flash adapted for consumer electronics

January 6, 2009, 6:26 am

intel and adobe flash adapted for consumer electronics   Adobe Systems, and Intel announced plans of cooperation aimed at porting and optimizing the Adobe Flash technology for processors Intel Media Processor CE 3100. Remember, Intel said the product actually belongs to a class of systems-on-chip, a processor x86 kernel and is positioned for use in consumer electronics - players Blu-Ray, screen and television station, and other consumer devices equipped with network interfaces. Partners believe that the emergence of support for Adobe Flash in the equipment of this type would significantly expand the range of available web-based and local video.
In the plans of Intel and Adobe - the adaptation of CE3100 and the Adobe Flash Player, and Adobe Flash Lite. Intel said that it intends to release a chip with support for the optimization of Adobe Flash Lite until mid-2009, the company highlighted the fact that the realization of the objectives will mean increased support for the consistent implementation of the same applications on a wide range of devices - desktop and mobile computers , netbukah, mobile Internet devices (MID), and now on television devices.


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