Intel burning desire not to let the Atom in the arms of the NVIDIA Ion

December 25, 2008, 11:44 am

intel burning desire not to let the atom in the arms of the nvidia ion   Not very good news for companies that are betting on the production of components for their platform Atom:according to the Taiwanese IT-resource company Digitimes Intel plans to complicate the possibility of buying Atom processors without proper binding of the most Intel.
In particular, reports Digitimes, closed a statement recently sent to Intel Taiwan manufacturers of laptop PCs, reiterated that the Atom processors for netbukov and nettopov will be available exclusively with chipsets 945GSE and 945GC.
In addition, Intel also separately commented on the complete absence of official plans for validation chipset NVIDIA MCP79 platform for Atom, and the lack of joint ventures with NVIDIA plans for partnership with the future of platforms based on Intel Atom.
Comments representatives Intel actually directed primarily against attempts to expand the ecosystem NVIDIA Atom own proposals. It recently announced a platform on the Ion, which includes chipsets for the Intel Atom with integrated GeForce 9400 graphics. The impossibility of acquiring processors Atom separately from the Intel chipset platform Ion turns in a fairly expensive.
also reported that members of the NVIDIA already visited a number of Taiwanese manufacturers with a proposal to adapt MCP7A and MCP79 chipset platform for Atom, but the outcome of these talks, no information yet.


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