Intel Celeron M 722:the first 45-nm Celeron

September 25, 2008, 7:59 am

intel celeron m 722:the first 45-nm celeron   Well-known Chilean Internet resources Chile Hardware managed to get secret presentation slides of Intel, which reported the preparation of a new processor for embedded systems Celeron M 722. This remarkable innovation that is the first representative of the ruler Celeron M, established on 45-nm design rules.
Celeron M 722 will be targeted for use in communications equipment, systems, data storage, gaming platforms, various embedded solutions. Innovation can be installed on the motherboard with chipsetom Intel GS45, which will enable it to successfully be used in ultra-laptop and desktop computers, small form-factor. The source noted that the processor is placed in the same block, which is used in chips for ultra notebooks Apple Macbook Air.
With regard to the technical characteristics of Celeron M 722, they are:
  • Clock Speed 1, 2 GHz;
  • The frequency of bus 800 MHz FSB;
  • 1 MB of level two cache;
  • The heat pack 5, 5 Watts.
If you believe the French source, the price of the new processor is $ 160.


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