Intel could increase its share of the market graphs

March 26, 2009, 11:44 am

   Our regular readers probably know which company is the market leader in graphics - though it may seem strange, but it is Intel. Niche with discrete solutions, of course, belong to other companies. If we talk about the graphics market as a whole, thanks to its integrated solution processing giant leader. Analytical company Barclays Capital has made their predictions on this issue over the next several years, reported by journalists, the site site of EE Times.
The crisis affected the market of graphics, though, according to analysts, for Intel it might result in an increase in attendance at this market by reducing the proportion of other players. According to their forecast, Intel will be able to take up to 55% of the market by 2010. But Californian player will lose a little weight and take up only 24% of the market, the company AMD will increase its presence from 19% to 20%.
The point is that in the next year should see the first processors Intel, which will be built schedule. Plus, the entire demand for the integrated graphics are not dropped as much as in the discrete solutions. Similar processors will be presented by AMD at the earliest 2011. It is these reasons and as a prerequisite for these findings to increase the presence of Intel in the graphics market.
Products Larrabee, according to the analysts, there is no will in 2010, any impact on the distribution of roles in the market of discrete graphics.


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