Intel will introduce SSD X25-E capacity of 64 gigabytes at the end of February

February 17, 2009, 7:11 pm

   With the release of ultrafast solid-state drives X25-E Intel the company showed a new level of productivity, which is now accessible to anyone. Of course, except for a small nuance. Cost of 32 GB version of the order of $ 410, which is $ 12, 8 GB one. However, the high cost is justified.
As the resource, February 22, 2009 the portfolio of processor giant will have a solid-state drive series Extreme. The capacity of the device X25-E reaches 64 GB, and the cost will be $ 790, which equals $ 12, 3 in one GB.
Some European trading platform offered to order for the X25-E 64 GB, but at a price of 727 euros up to 1099.


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