Intel Itanium:word adherents

January 13, 2009, 1:18 pm

intel itanium:word adherents   Alliance, is promoting solutions based on the Intel Itanium (Itanium Solutions Alliance, ISA), made a statement in which highly praised the positive development of projects in this segment. Alleged that in 2008 was particularly successful for the Linux-compatible projects with the use of Itanium, which reflects the amount of income of $ 1 billion received in the last five quarters. Representatives ISA zealously refute widespread skeptical view of the speakers that the 64-bit x86 architecture chips outperformed in its development of Itanium and the last call to as Itanic. In contrast, the ISA said shipments of Itanium-systems, exceeding the 210 thousand units and used more than 200 customers.
According to the ISA, for Itanium-systems, in addition to scientific and academic applications, and emerges as a sort of commercial niche. These customers are often the organizations that wish to switch to new equipment with old mainframes, but to provide the same high reliability needed for the work of key business applications. As a result, Gartner analysts said the presence of 8% growth in the Itanium market EMEA region in the third quarter of 2008,
According to the information contained in the statement, Itanium-based operating system is supported by Novell, Red Hat and Microsoft;it also sold more than 13 thousand applications, in particular, to provide financial services to solve production problems and pursue bioscience calculations. Among the manufacturers, to one degree or another supported platform, were named as Fujitsu, Hitachi, HP, Sun, Sophos, NEC, and SGI.


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