Intel Nehalem architecture in the server segment

March 31, 2009, 10:16 am

   After the November debut in the segment of desktop systems, Intel has begun to move the Nehalem architecture in a segment servers. March 30, the company introduced new chips Xeon, designed for single or dual systems. As is known, the Nehalem architecture, the first time in the performance of Intel has implemented a number of important innovations, including an integrated memory controller (which has contributed to increased productivity), gipertreyding with support for up to 16 virtual cores (solution improves multi-processing) and technology of Turbo Boost, which allows to dynamically enhance CPU operating frequency with a corresponding increase in its load.
Announce Intel is a formal event, because Apple has said previously about the preparations for the release of the new Mac Pro, using Nehalem Xeon 3500 and 5500, and Intel is still in last month`s discussions on the application server platform Nehalem in Willowbrook, for Major SAC. But the fact of the formal presentation of processors is still very important because it followed the official announcement manufacturers of server systems. One of the first models of its chips with Nehalem Xeon 5500 introduced IBM, including the System x3650 M2 and x3550 M2, providing performance of up to 6, 4 GT/s, BladeCenter HS22, and System x iDataPlex dx360 M2. According to the company, the application of the new processor not only on the average to double productivity, but also a 50% reduced levels of energy consumption.
IBM announced Systems Director is also on 6. 1 to manage both physical and virtual resources through web-intrefeysa. In addition, the company stated on the application of a single interface Unified Extensible Firmware Interface, a new generation of BIOS, BIOS ensures consistency across the spectrum of IBM products and offering more options that are available in the remote control.
To add a story about the benefits of server processors based on Intel Nehalem architecture can be complemented by feedback the company Dreamworks, won the opportunity to test the new chips in, even before their official announcement. According to her, the transition to Nehalem Xeon will allow the rendering of finished projects that lasted until the entire night, almost in real time.


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