Intel observes 50-year anniversary of the integrated circuit

February 18, 2009, 2:27 pm

intel observes 50-year anniversary of the integrated circuit   With the advent of the first transistors, even in 1947, gradually began to surrender their positions lamps. Of course, they were not able to offer the same reliability, miniature and cost of transistors. The invention of Bell Labs gradually began to appear in TV, radio and other devices. When increasing the number of discrete transistors in the device had problems - they have too much energy, are less reliable and it takes a lot of places. In addition, place on a scheme of a large number of different components, it became increasingly difficult. Yield was found 10 years after the invention of the transistor.
A member of Texas Instruments, Jack Kilbi September 12, 1958 introduced the first manual of integrated circuits. His invention combined the miniature Radio various types, such as transistor, capacitor and resistor on a single germanium substrate. In 1959, Robert Neuss, later became one of the founders of Intel, also created the integrated circuit, but on the basis of the silicon substrate. Thus, the two scientists almost simultaneously developed the concept of an integrated circuit.
It should be noted that in 1959, Jack and Robert Neuss Kilbi received patents for their inventions. Of course, such an event could not do without struggle but, after some time, all over the peace agreement. Company Texas Instruments and Fairchild Semiconductor have equal rights in matters relating to the issuance of licenses.
the Nobel Prize for physics Jack Kilbi received in 2000. Then, in his speech, he said that Robert Neuss has equal merit to it and deserves this award. But Robert Neuss with us was in 1990.
processor giant has the right to celebrate, so to say, his 50-year anniversary of the integrated circuit. It is this event and it was noted in the Santa Clara (California) February 11, 2009, the National Day of the inventor.


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