Intel turned the development of UWB

November 6, 2008, 8:35 pm

   The company Intel quietly turned lasted for five-year program to develop technology and design devices for ultra wireless data (ultrawideband, UWB). The available data on the set of start-up companies, established for the development of this area, also point to questionable prospects for their continued existence. Towards the development of technology UWB, which has become little visibility in the market since last year, met a lot of problems, including issues of productivity, energy prices and global regulatory conflicts. These factors cited by experts believe that soon this segment expect many closures and mergers of companies that, indeed, already happening.
October became the latest month for the closed company WiQuest Communications, and at ten days of former members of the UWB companies Stonestreet One moved into the kupivshuyu these assets Alereon. The unit business products Intel after five years of development on UWB has decided to turn this trend and continue if necessary to use to develop third-party companies. This is the industry leader greatly reduces the chances for a prosperous future ultra wireless technology transfer, especially given the fact that it is largely thanks to the efforts of Intel to develop UWB, and it is representative of this company, Stephen Wood (Stephen Wood), is still president of WiMedia Alliance.
Among the businesses that Intel sees as a potential external source for the purchase of development UWB, was named the company Staccato Communications, recently submitted a second-generation devices. But a source who asked to remain anonymous, said that Staccato has sufficient funds only for two months of operation, and the issue of obtaining new investment is still open. Another start-up companies involved in the development of UWB, and rumors have difficulty in financing - Artimi. Interested journalists visited the office of the company and discovered a lack of anyone, however, officials from the company`s management said that they had no information on plans for the closure of Artimi.


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