Intel will update the number of mobile chips Core 2 Duo and Celeron M

October 24, 2008, 1:11 pm

intel will update the number of mobile chips core 2 duo and celeron m   The company Intel has published on its official website document number PCN 108869-00, which she said the launch of the program to convert a number of Centrino mobile processor platform 2 (Montevina) to a new stepping nucleus. Modifying touch models Core 2 Duo SP9300, SP9400, SL9300, SL9400, SU3300, SU9300, SU9400, and Celeron M ULV 723.
As the producer, translating to a new stepping will increase the frequency potential of chips. Id CPUID will be changed from 00010676h to 0001067Ah, processors will be assigned new numbers sSpec and MM. The electrical, thermal and mechanical specifications remain unchanged, but users will have to update the BIOS.
The first copies of updated chips will be available already on 8 December this year. In a massive sale of new items available in March 2009.


• 0001067ah
• 0001067Ah 00010676h
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