Internet Explorer 8:The final version of the browser came from Microsoft

March 19, 2009, 8:17 pm

internet explorer 8:the final version of the browser came from microsoft   Microsoft Corporation announced the release of the final version of the browser Windows Internet Explorer 8. It is available in 25 languages, including Russian, visit www. in the near future (at the time of writing, news is only available version of RC1).
Among the new features Internet Explorer 8 can be distinguished:
  • Accelerators (Accelerators) - significantly faster and easier to perform basic actions on the Internet:use the search, send an e-mail, publish information in blogs, to translate in the dictionary, to look at maps, etc. accelerators have already been implemented such as Yandex sites, Mail. ru, Rambler, RuTube, Translate. Ru, Facebook,, and users can be added to the browser at
  • Web snippets (WebSlices). In Internet Explorer 8 update user interesting Web sites are now displayed directly in your browser. Such sites as Afisha. ru, Gismeteo. ru, RuTube, Vesti. ru, Digg, Yahoo, Mail, OneRiot and eBay have already implemented on their web page fragments that can be added to the browser.
  • The visual search (Visual Search). The panel of instant search, supplemented by pictures and detailed information, provides extensive search capabilities in real time as on the web, for example, New York Times, Amazon and Wikipedia, and a personal history of elected and user requests, thereby saving time.
  • Function InPrivate, implemented in Internet Explorer 8, makes it possible to work online at the special session, which does not preserve the history of user visits to pages, which is convenient for use on computers shared access.
  • Built SmartScreen protection to prevent unwanted attacks and threats.
Internet Explorer 8 can be configured as a user to fit your needs and interests, and companies with their web sites and internet services, in order to make them closer to consumers. In Russia and elsewhere in the world list of sites that are already implementing a new browser technology continues to rapidly grow.
As part of the release Internet Explorer 8 Microsoft testing major Internet sites in different countries, checking their compatibility c new browser. According to our statistics, currently 94% of Russian Internet sites are fully compatible with the new browser. We continue to research and interact with a variety of online resources to ensure maximum comfort of the users of Internet Explorer 8, - said Dmitry Halinen, Director of Department of strategic Microsoft technologies in Russia.


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