On the Internet has spread the Trojan-extortioner Trojan. Blackmailer

April 9, 2009, 5:19 pm

on the internet has spread the trojan-extortioner trojan. blackmailer   The company Doctor Web, provides information on large-scale epidemic, several modifications of Trojan. Blackmailer, which began in late March 2009 and continues until the present time. Beginning March 31, there is significant presence of the malware detected among the infected files. This may be the millions of infected computers.
This Trojan is a browser plug-in to Internet Explorer with advertising porn sites, which appears when you visit any Internet resource. Thus he is constantly reminded of the users. At the same time, this program is virtually impossible to remove with standard tools - to uninstall crackers offer users to send SMS-message, and then put the resulting code.
Since the epidemic began at once 4 different versions - Trojan. Blackmailer. 1094, Trojan. Blackmailer. 1093, Trojan. Blackmailer. 1086 and Trojan. Blackmailer. 1091 - is located in the first 5 lines of infected files that are transferred to the second echelon, even a network worm Win32. HLLW. Shadow. based. Therefore, even if we take into account that each infected Trojan. Blackmailer computer found several files infected with the Trojan, the epidemic is still serious.
Installing Trojan. Blackmailer-in is not only prepared when visiting malicious porn sites. Infection with this malware can and when you visit a very reliable Internet resources that have been hacked in order to add to their pages, malicious scripts that are using the vulnerability of Internet Explorer, download and install malicious plug.
The company Doctor Web, recommends the use of alternative internet browsers, as well as the current update for your operating system and other software to reduce the risk of Trojan. Blackmailer. In the event that contamination of one of the modifications of Trojan. Blackmailer still happen, it is not recommended to send SMS-messages, thereby making its contribution to the enrichment of the intruders.


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