Interview with the translator Mother 3

December 30, 2008, 8:05 am

interview with the translator mother 3   Fanatskie English translations help people get acquainted with Japanese games, which formally are not available in other countries. Thanks in doing so, we need dedicated fans who do not spare their time and energy working on an adequate interpretation of the many characters. This is a specialist and is Mandelin Clyde (Clyde Mandelin), entrusted to a major obligation to localize Mother 3 for Game Boy Advance.
Staff Gamasutra recently talked to the man he took it very interview. He estimated about 200 thousands of Europeans and Americans downloaded a translation that eloquently speaks volumes about the audience. Besides Mandelin (Mandelin) admitted that he earns a living translating games like Kingdom Hearts 2 and anime (Dragon Ball). Very interesting material.
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