Inventor internet pointed to gaps in Internet Explorer

September 11, 2008, 5:31 pm

inventor internet pointed to gaps in internet explorer   Internet inventor Tim Berners-Lee (Tim Berners-Lee) in a recent interview pointed to one unfortunate existence of gaps in Internet Explorer. Responding to questions about how he preferred browser, Tim reported that does not want to publicly express their views on this matter, but noted that in his opinion, Internet Explorer lags behind other modern browsers. The problem browser from Microsoft in the lack of format support SVG (scalable vector graphic), which is used on web pages, because the scale of such images do not arise such artifacts as those of conventional raster images. In particular, SVG is used on sites offering work with maps.
Most modern browsers, including Firefox and Safari, have built-in support for this format, but to work with SVG in Internet Explorer, it is necessary to use a special addition of Adobe. Embedded support SVG not even in the recently released beta version of Internet Explorer 8.
Berners-Lee also noted that January 1, Adobe stops support for the plug, and it is unclear whether it will download after that date. It should be noted that Microsoft supports another format for vector graphics - VML (Vector Markup Language), but in 2001 the organization World Wide Web Consortium, which is the director of Berners-Lee, recommended for use SVG.


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