IPhone 3G now доплатой

April 1, 2009, 6:52 pm

   In connection with the Russian consumer boom in the market of mobile terminals, operators of big three have begun to implement a unified program of encouraging users to purchase iPhone 3G devices manufactured by Apple. Under the new conditions, all pre-existing discounts are canceled, and all those who wish to buy a communicator will be extra cost from 200 to 500 dollars, depending on the level of psychological rejection of such a product. At the same time, users are offered unlimited connection and Internet traffic throughout the territory of the Russian Federation.
The Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation welcomed the joint action of independent market players, noting that there was no sign of cartel collusion in this endeavor, it is good. . . no notes.
Color instruction guide for dummies on the iPhone interface devices and iPhone applications already printed in the printing Red proletarian and are attached to each set with the iPhone (also as a gift - a map of the face value of $ 100 to download the most useless third-party companies, developers). Currently, cases with white, pink, black and camouflage colors Corps iPhone brought in all the outlets of major cities in Russia - in large enterprises, the central streets and transport vendors, consultants strongly urged consumers did take this device with an additional charge.
Finance partner program is a commercial bank Citibank, which is in an ideal financial situation for such a large investment project. Given the rapid growth of sales, noted after the entry into force of this advertising campaign, Apple has to transfer their factories operating in China for 25-hour working day without breaks and days off, what contributes to economic growth in mainland China at 0, 0000001%. As a result only of monthly sales for the week of April 4, is expected to implement in Russia three million such devices - previously it was a three-year quota is intended to implement on teooritorii RF.
In response to global market developments in the local Russian market, a factory specializing in the production figures in the United States, Oscar has already received an order for manufacture of such products from pure platinum with the same motto - for victory in the hope the market. Statuettes will be delivered in Moscow on a special flight from the United States in the near future and presented to the heads of the operator of the Big Three at the ceremonial reception at the Kremlin on Friday, the thirteenth of May this year.

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