Iriver produces an electronic reader in Japan

March 5, 2009, 6:59 pm

iriver produces an electronic reader in japan   According to the network`s in the news, the company iriver Japan is going to release in Japan, the electronic device for reading digital books. Brand-new product will not be able to surprise you with some unusual innovations. Some journalists believe that it is only slightly altered version of the model Netronix, which light up at the beginning of last year. The device recognizes the PDF, is equipped with a simple joystick to control, connector for cards SD, as well as the opportunity to play music. However, specific expectations that the product be released outside Japan, we do not have.
However, the upset is not, in fact quite recently, the presentation of Amazon Kindle 2. This product is clearly superior machine iriver functions, promising to access not only to books but also periodicals. Unfortunately, despite all the improvements, the model is far left of the original Kindle. There is no special breakthrough in this segment did not happen.


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