Issue flexible electronics:minutes instead of days

January 4, 2009, 8:29 am

issue flexible electronics:minutes instead of days   With the recent discoveries of researchers from the Center for Science and Engineering Nanostructures (Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing, CHN), timing technology to produce flexible organic electronics for the Class of plastic displays and plastic solar cells can be reduced from the current 48 hours to 30 minutes.
This conclusion scientists came after a comprehensive study of techniques using conventional methods of conjugated polymers, commonly used for the manufacture of plastic semiconductors. It should be noted that the project CHN, established by the National Science Foundation USA (National Science Foundation), are involved scientists from such world-renowned centers as the University of Massachusetts (University of Massachusetts), Northeastern University (Northeastern University), University of New Hampshire (University of New Hampshire), University of Michigan (Michigan State University) and the Boston Museum of Science (Museum of Science in Boston).
As revealed in the process of experimentation, in the event of a transition to the use of polymer composites process of creating templates nanomasshtabnyh greatly simplified, which in turn leads to a significant acceleration of the process of forming structures flexible electronics such as biosensors, fotoyacheek, displays and semiconductor nanolithography.
In contrast to the traditional techniques of conjugated polymers for nanomasshtabnogo production, by and large are suitable only for the formation of repetitive modules such as memory arrays, and it is not suitable for the formation of unstructured logic, a new method of CHN developers the ability to make any templates for blocks with a complex geometry , including the bends at a right angle, T-branching, rectangular and round arrays.


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