ISuppli:MID supply will grow to eight times 2012

March 15, 2009, 12:24 pm

isuppli:mid supply will grow to eight times 2012   The supply of so-called MID (Mobile Internet Device, mobile internet device) in the period between 2007 and 2012 will grow annually by approximately 50, 6% and achieved by 2012 approximately 416 million units (53, 8 million in 2007). With such a statement recently made by the marketing company iSuppli.
A new class of handheld products MID currently has traditionally defined as a niche between ultramobilnymi PC (netbukami) and smartphones. However, analysts from iSuppli gave his definition of MID, which in this segment now are many other products, including some smartphones.
Analysts iSuppli determine MID as a device with integrated wireless interfaces, WLAN (Wi-Fi), WMAN (WiMAX) and the global generation of 3G cellular networks, and above the maximum size of the display up to 8 inches and the battery power supply that provides an autonomous work in the typical mode of load applications on a working day.
It also stresses that the MID market intersects with many other markets, including the UMPC, netbuki, smartphones, portable navigators, electronic books, media players and handheld gaming devices. Moreover, many of these devices to a large extent can be seen as a variety MID. Thus, according to analysts iSuppli, a smartphone that will dominate in the period before 2012, now up to 60% can be attributed to the devices of Class MID - precisely because of the integration of WLAN interface and/or 3G. By 2012, all 100% produced by the time of smartphones will fall within the definition of MID.
In addition, to the class of MID can be considered up to 35% of electronic books, set in 2008. By 2012 this figure, according to analysts, will grow to 76%. Ultramobilnye PCs covered under the definition of MID, in 2008 accounted for approximately 2%, but by 2012, according to iSuppli, the figure rises to 28%, with the main improvements concern the possible presence online and increasing the battery life.
iSuppli:global sales of devices including MID, 2007-2012 (thousand)
2007200820092010 20112012
53, 788, 71
154404, 9
310, 999, 1
416013, 8
iSuppli:Global sales MID excluding smartphones, 2007-2012 (thousand units) God2007200820092010 20112012 Number of 59, 3 470 1 3142 8 7874 1 18940, 7 38165, 3
is interesting that to note that iSuppli had removed many of the class netbuki MID because of the screen size and duration of the offline work, although by 2012, analysts believe, the time-alone work netbukov could come close to this figure from MID.
This is due to inconsistencies across the list of requirements portable device will be playing only 2, 8% of all MID by 2011 and prirastut, by 2012, at 15, 1%. By the way, if the requirements for the wireless interface, consisting of gaming devices limited to WLAN, to 98, 6% of them fell under the definition of a MID in 2008 and 100% - by 2011.
Only 3% of all media podpadut the definition of MID by 2012, but the growth potential of this segment will increase significantly if the manufacturers will include support for WWAN players.
As for the portable navigators, (PND), a minimum of 0, 22% of them fall under the definition of MID now, but by 2012 is projected to rise to 10%. The most important criterion for the classification of PND as a MID - connecting to wireless networks, mostly WWAN. Moreover, for automotive navigators, connected to the onboard network, such a test as a standalone business for its own battery is almost no sense.


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