In Italy may impose a law banning access to Facebook

February 14, 2009, 9:50 am

   Recently, the Italian human rights bodies have very zealously took up the Internet. Recently, in favor of Italian branch of the leaders came Google, which filed in court, and now Italian lawmakers propose a law that prohibits access to the site like Facebook, where they contribute to criminal activity. It sounds a little funny, because software systems, chuyuschih per mile attackers using their treacherous for public funds, has not yet been invented.
Nevertheless, in Italy, looking at all this quite seriously. Began to discuss the law, after there were suspicions that the two main Pope Sicilian Mafia, Bernardo Proventsano (Bernardo Provenzano) and Salvatore Riina (Salvatore Riina) used Facebook to send encrypted messages to their colleagues in the workshop.
According to the law, it is forced to sites with content generated by users, delete pages, related to the crime. Otherwise, they will be considered accomplices. Also, the law will oblige internet provaydrov block such sites accomplices. In the case of disobedience may prescribe a fine of up to $ 322 000.


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