In January, the supply of LCD panels has fallen

March 2, 2009, 6:04 pm

in january, the supply of lcd panels has fallen   According to the analytical study of WitsView, the total supply of LCD panels with a diagonal screen 8, 9, and more significantly decreased. At the end of January the market was supplied 22, 23 million of such panels, which is 16, 9% less than in December last year, and at 33, 5% lower compared with January 2008.
Given the current situation in the world, nothing surprising here. In January, the supply of LCD panels for monitors and notebook dropped by an order of magnitude. In particular, the volume of shipments of panels for notebook PCs declined by 16, 8%, while segment monitors fell to 28, 5%. But television industry panels remains in a better position - this decline in shipments of total 0, 8%. This is due to increased demand due to new government program of China, supporting the consumer electronics segment.
More detailed information can be gleaned from the table below.


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