Japan tests of long-distance medical diagnosis

December 12, 2008, 1:06 pm

japan tests of long-distance medical diagnosis   Japanese scientists from Keio University of Tokyo (Keio University) announced the start of testing counseling system to provide remote preventive health care, set up jointly with companies NEC and KDDI. Testing is one of the phases of the so-called mobile social-creative project (Co-mobility Society Creation Project), aimed at providing preventive health counseling services for residents of remote rural regions, where large numbers of elderly citizens.
The system, designed jointly by the three participants in the project, staffed by communications, terminals with touch screens, devices measuring blood rheology, mobile phones, Internet access and several other devices and technologies. The company NEC is a developer and supplier of communication terminals remote diagnosis and medical supplies company KDDI sensory terminals and communication infrastructure.
Terminals system, constantly connected to information communication, established in regional centers, for example, in the offices of the maquiladora factories, as well as to regional hospitals and medical consultation center in Tokyo.
Thus, the blood of patients are sent to experts in Tokyo through the Internet, and has been based on the received data and other information on the health of employees participating in the program, the center of medical consultations, issue recommendations or medical advice. Advantages of this approach - high speed service, lower loading of medical personnel and, consequently, lower the cost of services.
The developers also note that the possibility of more frequent contact with doctors if there is no need to travel for this anywhere significantly improves the comfort of medical services. This was gratefully accepted by participating in the testing of volunteers aged 65 and over from the districts Okutama-machi, Nishiokutama-gun and Tokyo, because for 30% of them travel to the doctor is a difficult undertaking because of the difficult mountainous terrain in the area.


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