Japanese arm to understand facial expressions

March 11, 2009, 1:23 pm

   The Japanese once again surprised the whole world as its new high-tech invention. The device under the name Mimi Switch or Ear Switch allows you to manage your iPod changing expressions. Just imagine - to switch or adjust the sound tone to lift the brow, to show the language, smile, or, conversely, nahmuritsya.
The Miracle of technology apparently does not differ from conventional headphone-liners. Nevertheless, they have one peculiarity - an array of infrared sensors that can capture the slightest movement in the ear, which inevitably arise when changing expressions. These headphones are not connected directly to the player, and a special microcomputer, which controls the electronic devices.
As the developer, Katsuioro Taniguchi (Kazuhiro Taniguchi) from the University of Osaka, the scope of its news is not confined to players iPod. With a smile you can, for example, included in room light, or run the washing machine. The device can be programmed to perform various actions. Particularly useful invention can provide people with disabilities.
Mr. Taguchi is preparing to patent his invention. He hoped that its development may find commercial application in the next two to three years.


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