The Japanese release waterproof phone with a solar panel

April 23, 2009, 7:42 am

the japanese release waterproof phone with a solar panel   Japanese mobile operator AU KDDI regularly leads to the unusual market mobile solutions. More recently, it was announced the establishment of a line of designer devices iida, and will soon be translated into reality a project initiative Green Road Project.
Sharp and AU KDDI announced that in June the market will do the phone with two features:water resistance and the possibility of increasing the charge by solar energy. Judging from the picture, the device is manufactured in the form factor folding beds with a turning screen. On one side of the display lid is available, but on the other - solar panel.
According to the manufacturer, 10 minutes sunbathing enough for 2 hours of the phone in standby mode and 1 hour of work in a call. Other specifications have not yet been released.


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