Japanese schoolchildren prohibit use phones

December 24, 2008, 9:33 am

japanese schoolchildren prohibit use phones   Bulling with the use of mobile phones in Japanese schools can lead to a ban of these devices in educational institutions. The Government of Japan is considering a bill on which the children will not be able to use the phones in schools across the country. Bulling - which became a huge challenge phenomenon manifested as physical or psychological terror against a child from the group. As a result, the victim is caused by physical and emotional harm.
Only in the last year of more than 6 thousand incidents of harassment of children who were in any way connected with telephones. For example, one student committed suicide after his picture in the style of nude, taken by him, was stolen and distributed among school children.
The proposal to ban the national aids will be made to the Prime Minister of Japan in January. Last month, the Governor of Osaka forbidden to use phones in schools. If a government law will be adopted, the children will not be allowed not only to talk on the phone, but also bring them to school.


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