JinPeng E1181 - spy phone with removable wireless camera

December 11, 2008, 2:05 pm

jinpeng e1181 - spy phone with removable wireless camera 
jinpeng e1181 - spy phone with removable wireless camera   Chinese mobile phones while losing eminent brands in quality build, design and technical equipment. But no manufacturer can not afford so much experimental, creative and unusual patterns of how many Chinese are released. The company has released JinPeng model E1181, which apparently did not particularly different from many other vehicles from Celestial :3-inch touch screen, two SIM-cards, FM-radio, Bluetooth and a standard set of software. Raisin new items placed in Detachable 2-megapixel camera with the radio module.
camera, transmitting the image on the phone from a distance of up to 10 meters - a great gadget for James Bond. Detachable block weighing 12 grams, of course, equipped with its own battery and charging the phone. Consumes a hidden camera, appeared to many as a phone kit, two batteries supplied much of 3800 mAh. Cost JinPeng E1181 online store dealextreme.com is only $ 155.


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