Kamerofony Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot take a smile

December 12, 2008, 6:57 pm

kamerofony sony ericsson cyber-shot take a smile   In 2009, Sony Ericsson mobile phones in a series of Cyber-shot will offer users a new feature. It is expected that the model of camera developed under the names Filippa, Frances and Kate, will be able to capture the smiles of people (Smile Shutter), as most of today`s digital cameras.
-enabled camera automatically makes the shot as soon as the person is in the frame, smiling. Smile Shutter function has been used in phones, Sony Ericsson, based on the Japanese mobile market. For example, a year ago, it was integrated into the musical models W61S with 5 Mp CMOS-module.
Maybe next year Sony Ericsson will change the approach to the creation of mobile devices and the new Walkman-aids, finally, will receive autofocus, available only in the Cyber-shot-phones, especially camera Cyber-shot will be just Smile Shutter.


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