Kaos Studios hires people for a new project

April 2, 2009, 5:27 pm

kaos studios hires people for a new project   In spite of all logic, the company THQ has announced that its New York unit of Kaos Studios hires new employees at work. They say that they will work towards a certain product, which has not yet been officially announced.
on the draft so far unknown. There are only a few guesses. For example, according to open vacancies at the official site of Kaos, the developers are now actively looking for professionals with extensive knowledge in the creation of projects for PC and consoles. In addition, we need a person who understands the creation of the Arts for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii. More details about this toy promises to tell at E3 2009.
Remember that Kaos Studios is responsible for the game project Frontlines:Fuel of War, which was a kind of clone of Battlefield.
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