Kaze Server - a new fan controller from Scythe

April 29, 2009, 11:36 am

kaze server - a new fan controller from scythekaze server - a new fan controller from scythe 
kaze server - a new fan controller from scythe   The company released a new Scythe fan controller Kaze Server, implemented as a 5, 25. You can control the cooling system, given the speed of rotation and temperature independently for each of the four channels. The choice available to the three modes of operation - manual adjustment, automatic, when the fans are switched off if the actual temperature is below a given, as well as the semi, when, in addition to the automatic mode added to the minimum speed of rotation. On problems in the cooling system can be built to communicate a sound alarm, however, turned off at will. Temperature sensors included.
Profiles of each of the four controlled fan may vary widely by changing the supply voltage in the range of 3, 7 to 12, while the rotational speed is monitored in the range from 0 to 9900 revolutions per minute. And, of course, Kaze Server is advantageously viewed as an element of design with its illuminated indicators, and made of polished aluminum body and controls.


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