Keyboard and mouse Genius for other tasks

November 18, 2008, 11:38 am

keyboard and mouse genius for other tasks 
keyboard and mouse genius for other tasks   The release of a new set of wireless keyboard and laser mouse, cloistered by the operating system Windows Vista, said the company KYE Systems.
Recruitment Genius LuxeMate 720 Laser is notable not only attractive and ergonomic design, but also broad functionality, implemented in the keyboard, which, by the way, has increased reliability and survive even if it accidentally poured out liquids . The device is equipped with a separate circular panel for scrolling and zooming, equipped with special buttons to call on the Internet, quick access to e-mail service MSN and popular site YouTube, as well as the launch of office applications like Word, Excel or PowerPoint. In addition, there are key Flip 3D, Photo Gallery, Screen Lock and My Computer, as well as multimedia buttons to control player and the volume.
Yet it is noteworthy that the availability of special adjustable holders have the opportunity to change the angle of your keyboard, as well as the installation in an upright position to free space on your desktop when it is used.
As for the robot arm, he has a resolution 1200 dpi, capable of functioning on surfaces with different texture and allows documents scrolls in four directions.
finally said that the kit comes with a USB-receiver, interaction with which occurs at a frequency of 27 MHz.
on the price and timing of the beginning of the massive sales of Genius LuxeMate 720 Laser yet unknown.


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