Kingston and Intel together to release SSD-drives

October 7, 2008, 6:33 am

   So far, the main focus of the company Kingston Technology has been assembled from the purchase memory chips, as well as the manufacture of memory cards for a variety of consumer electronics. Now Kingston stated in the market drives based on flash memory for notebooks and servers, in partnership with Intel. The company noted that entering the market, significant growth which is not expected soon, in fact, contrary to usual practice, Kingston, but it still is so to speak today in conjunction with Intel.
Kingston plans to resell the device, manufactured by Intel, which is itself a producer of flash memory chips for these devices. In doing so, Kingston will assume the functions of technical support, testing and selling devices to customers - Hewlett-Packard, Dell, IBM, etc. Intel produces two models of a number of solid drives - for notebook PCs and corporate servers. The emergence of these products under the brand name of Kingston is expected in the fourth quarter of this year.
Kingston representative said that his company`s history of collaboration with Intel in technical and commercial spheres has already more than 10 years, and they work together, since both are part of one ecosystem. A recent example of joint activity was the development of design memory, with uprated reliability, performance and density, it is critical for servers. The new market Kingston to compete with companies such as SanDisk - the largest producer of SSD-drives to date, and Santa Ana s STEC, supplies its products to military and industrial customers.


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