To know, in practice, new drivers, NVIDIA

December 22, 2008, 1:22 pm

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to know, in practice, new drivers, nvidia   Done a miracle ! A friend saved the life of a friend ! Carlson.
a long time by the Californian giant had no visible attempt to help owners of laptops. The problem was the lack of ability to download fresh drivers from the official site for NVIDIA. For this reason, users of laptops, which are equipped with chips NVIDIA, resorted to the two options. The first - to download the drivers from the manufacturer laptop. Less of this method is that the speed of updating drivers in this case is very low. The second - perhaps the most faithful, to modify the standard version of the driver (desktop) with the assistance of DH Mobility Modder. NET nVidia Edition. This method has been described on the pages of our site.
Most likely, multimillion army of users attracted to the company NVIDIA any sense, and she had to get down to business. As a result, visiting resource and selecting the section Download Drivers, you can stumble upon a new element in the drop-down list.
Pointing to a point, the user has the right to choose it needs an operating system and download a fresh driver. Of course, is mentioned about the support and NVIDIA CUDA technology and NVIDIA PhysX. In addition, emphasizes that the release did not support the technology Hybrid SLI. Like all good, but Beta ForceWare 179. 28 for Notebooks provides support only series GeForce 8M/9M (from 8200M to 9800M GTX) and professional solutions Quadro NVS. But what about the army holders of series GeForce 6M/7M ? They cooked two ways, as shown in the first paragraph.
This could be done. Although the cost would have to inform about new drivers for laptops, they are 123 MB for Windows Vista 32-bit. A good amount. Rather than keep such an event without their own testing, we decided to use available in a test lab notebooks, test and most importantly, no problems with the installation of drivers ForceWare 179, 28 for Notebooks. It should be noted that this release includes additional drivers and an updated audio driver.
We have proved notebooks from ASUS, Acer, HP and Sony, equipped with graphics adapters series GeForce 8M/9M. The installation went without any problems, NVIDIA PhysX driver has been updated to version 8. 09. 04. Offer as evidence a few screenshots.
The only problem was when you install the driver on a laptop Sony. Perhaps this situation is due to the fact that we had a model equipped with a built-graphics and discrete.
one way or another, through the Device Manager managed skormit necessary driver, and then everything worked.
Due to operational guys from Ukrainian representative MSI, we learned that for a notebook with preloaded operating system Windows XP the drivers settled without problems.
our last step was to check the driver accelerated, as if it does not sound strange. We know that most drivers for mobile graphics cards do not allow using third-party utilities to implement dispersal. The experiment showed that the driver ForceWare 179, 28 for Notebooks, all in order, to disperse there.
In summary, I would like to support, perhaps a few rasstroennyh owners of mobile video series GeForce 6M/7M. Should not be disheartened, remember about such a serious tool as DH Mobility Modder. NET nVidia Edition.


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