Kodak camera required to prohibit the sale of LG and Samsung

November 18, 2008, 4:52 pm

   Patent disputes in the sector of high technologies emerge with regularity zavidnoy. Often in such trials involving large companies with world-famous names that drew particular attention to the widest range of consumers.
At this time played patent battle between the U. S.company Eastman Kodak on the one hand, and two South Korean industrial giants Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, as well as several lesser known actors on the other. The charge of violating patents covering technology capture the image compression and storage of data, as well as the method for viewing moving images used in camera Sasmung and LG.
The suit was filed in one of the district courts of New York, and also referred to the Commission on International Trade in the United States. In his statement, Kodak required to compensate for the damage, as well as to suspend further sales of products that involve a violation of patents. The very amount, which assesses the damage to the plaintiff shall not be disclosed.
in the end it should be noted that Kodak has a lot of patents related to work with images. Among the companies that license the technology, there are Motorola, Nokia, Olympus, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony, Sony Ericsson and others.


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