Kojima will make the game until old age

April 30, 2009, 5:58 pm

kojima will make the game until old age   During a visit to Apple Store in Tokyo polubezumny a fan of Metal Gear Hideo Kojima decided to ask (Hideo Kojima) about how long the developer is going to make the game. Specialist short-thinking said that plans to pursue the case until his death. According to the creator of Metal Gear Solid, the only thing that could force him to quit the game industry - space travel.
Among the developers are generally very popular topic. Carmack has spent millions to launch their own spacecraft to orbit (and not particularly successful in this). Richard Gerriot also fly into outer space, and then abandon the industry and decided to engage in other businesses. Let`s hope that Kojima will be space fever quickly and it will cost another part of Metal Gear Solid.
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