Kojima wants to make Zone of the Enders 3

April 24, 2009, 11:54 am

kojima wants to make zone of the enders 3   Six years after the release of the latest game in the series of renowned designer Hideo Kojima (Hideo Kojima) suddenly began to speak again on the Zone of the Enders. Founder Kojima Productions (as well as the creator of Metal Gear Solid) asked gamers if they want to see whether they Zone of the Enders 3 ? This is a developer questioned in the new episode of the podcast Internal Integral to play MGS4.
This is not accidental. Zone of the Enders:The 2nd Runner - the second draft of the famous series - was independently srezhissirovan script writer and co-director of MGS4 Xue Murata (Shuyo Murata). The toy is very popular among users and critics.
Why all of a sudden Kojima (Kojima) trikvele talking about ? Perhaps a developer wants to come to grips with this product in the future.
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